Medical Marijuana

Conditions That Can Be Supported Using Medical Marijuana

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Recent studies show that nearly 85% of Americans support the legalization of medical marijuana and there are currently several million people using it to support medical conditions. So what exactly in marijuana affects our bodies, and what should the substance be used to support?

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana contains over 100 active cannabinoids that affect the body differently. The two most abundant compounds are THC and CBD. THC causes the user to feel the euphoric high associated with cannabis use, however, CBD can be used to affect the physical body.

In Florida, marijuana is only legal for those with a valid medical cannabis card. While the marijuana you get on the street may be similar to that which you would get from a doctor, its illegality causes it to be less trustworthy and often times more expensive.

Buying from a certified seller is the only way to ensure you are getting licensed products that meet the standards of the Florida Department of Health. Furthermore, a doctor can prescribe safe strains that are best for your condition and target your symptoms directly.


What is it used for?

The active compounds inside of cannabis affect the body differently and thus can be used to support a variety of ailments, disorders, and diseases. The most common use of medicinal marijuana is for pain control, especially for those that suffer from chronic conditions or age-related pain. Marijuana has been used to support fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, Crohn’s disease, and pain and wasting syndrome associated with HIV.

Medical marijuana may serve as an alternative for NSAIDS like Advil or Aleve. This is great news for those that suffer from kidney issues, ulcers, or GERD who cannot take such medications. People with hard to support conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or nerve pain, have few options to support their pain and medical marijuana may serve as a step in the right direction.

Furthermore, marijuana is safer and less addictive than opiate pain relievers, as users cannot overdose. Opiates like Neurontin or Lyrica may be successful in supporting pain, however, they are highly sedative and tend to affect the functions of daily life.

Strains that are high in CBD have been used to relieve insomnia, anxiety, spasticity, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. In fact, a CBD-dominant strain called Charlotte’s Web has been proven to be effective in supporting a form of childhood epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome that has been nearly impossible to control using traditional medicine.

There is also evidence to support that medical marijuana may assist in miscellaneous health issues like nausea, weight loss, glaucoma, and irritable bowel syndrome. Veterans have also reported marijuana being helpful in the support of PTSD when returning from active combat zones.

Green Relief has experience supporting many conditions including:


How is it used?

Many people are concerned about smoking marijuana and the high that comes with it. However, there are many ways to consume cannabis that do not involve smoking or a high. However, in the state of Florida, medical marijuana is only available in the form of extracted oils or tinctures.

Once you have received your medical marijuana ID, our doctors will place your order and you can have it delivered to your door or pick it up at one of our dispensaries. This allows you to have discreet, convenient support at the click of a button.


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