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  • John N Smith says:

    Hello my name is John I have been diagnosed with Bi Polar 1 disorder and take Scitzophrenic Medications associated with my Bi Polar One since 1993. Before I was taking Haldol Injections. My question live with Chronic Pain everyday. Some days are worse than others and at times sometimes unbarring. Sometimes with the Psychiatric medication and other medication that I take sets myself to be confused or even times of overwhelmed when others cannot see the chronic pain physically or mentally one may be receiving at any given time. With my assessment and diagnosis through my Psychiatrist. I am also seeing a Pain management doctor for pain in which I currently am taking medication for the first time as well as cholesterol medication and high blood pressure medication through my Primary Doctor. My I receive a assessment of diagnosis through my Pain Management doctor in regards to my diagnosis of elevated pain as well as my primary. Besides the assessment already approved from both my Psychiatrist and the State of Florida dispensary card that I already attained. In determining the THC and CBD that is more Beneficial for me both Indica or Sativa in ruling all medications I am currently taking there benefits, but also their side effects.

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