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Misunderstandings About Medical Marijuana

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Many people have misunderstandings about medical marijuana, and there is a tendency to confuse medical marijuana treatment with recreational marijuana.

Medical marijuana is strictly regulated by Florida law. Only Florida residents who have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions are eligible to receive medical marijuana. The doctor must be physically present in the room when certifying a patient. A patient can be certified for a 70-day supply, with 2 refills, and must then return to the clinic to be re-certified. The Department of Health maintains a Compassionate Use Registry of medical marijuana patients, and issues medical marijuana cards which must be presented when picking up an order. These cards have to be renewed every year.

The medical marijuana often used to help control seizures and muscle spasms contains high levels of cannabidiol, or CBD, and does not cause a high. Medical marijuana with high levels of another compound, THC, does cause euphoria and is used to help cancer patients manage pain and regain appetite. The doctor will determine which type of medical marijuana is most appropriate for each patient. The misunderstandings about medical marijuana use in Florida are sometimes difficult to decipher, but our expert team is ready to help you fully understand how best you can stay legal in your consumption.

Growers of medical marijuana have bred special strains with different concentrations of CBD and THC. Each batch is tested for purity, and labeling and packaging  must comply with the US Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970.

Doctors and clinics who certify patients for medical marijuana treatment cannot sell marijuana on their premises. The patient must fill the order at a medical marijuana dispensary.

The fact that 71% of Florida voters supported Amendment 2 shows that the public is beginning to understand. This is partly because, when the first attempt to pass Amendment 2 failed in 2014, many patients, including parents of children suffering from epilepsy, appeared on TV to describe how medical marijuana had helped them.

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